The Drugovich family has been present on the racetracks for many years, the passion for motorsport runs for generations and victories have always been present in its history. It started with Claudio Drugovich in Formula Ford, passing by Formula Truck with his brother Osvaldo Drugovich Junior, who in 1997 won the Brazilian title for the Drugovich Motorsports team, and in 1998 won the previously unprecedented title of two-time champion, competing in a very competitive championship, with drivers from other categories that migrated to Formula Truck.

Felipe Drugovich is the current driver of the family. He debuted at the European championships with formula cars in 2016, and already in 2017 was third in the German Formula 4 championship of ADAC, having been the driver with the highest number of victories in the category. It opened 2018 with the title of the MRF Challenge (championship played in the Middle East).

2018 could not be a better year. Felipe became champion of the MRF Challenge 2017/2018 with 10 victories and a spectacular performance. In the Euroformula F3 Open championship, the driver won the title of champion already in the 12th race in Monza, counting 14 victories in 16 races, and 2 second places, reaching the absolute record of victories in the history of this championship.

Felipe is the highlight of the new generation. With the absence of Brazilian drivers in F-1, much has been said about the new Brazilian drivers who can apply for a place in the main category of motorsport and, in December 2017, Felipe was elected Brazil's great promise for F- 1, in a poll conducted by Red Bull.

In 2019, Drugovich competed in the FIA ​​Formula 3 championship. The year has not been one of the best because of many problems with tuning and adjustments of the car, which made it very difficult for Felipe to continue showing excellent results. Even so, he still got the highest score within the Carlin Buzz Racing team.

In 2020, the Brazilian competed in the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship with the Dutch team MP Motorsport, and achieved remarkable results in his debut season. In the first round of the championship in Spielberg, Austria, Felipe became the first driver to win on his debut since 2017, when Charles Leclerc won in Bahrain. In the same month, Felipe won his first Pole Position in Formula 2, at Silverstone.

In 2021, Felipe competes for the championship competing for last year's runner-up team, the English UNI-Virtuosi

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